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UK – At a Glance

Largest City:London
Major Cities:Glasgow
National Language:English
Ethnic Group:British
Area (KM):242495
Population (Million):67m
Density (Per KM):270
GDP (Billion Doller):3.1 trillion
Currency:Pound Sterling
Time Zone (Like UTC +6:00):0

About UK?

UK situated in northwestern corner of Europe. It consist of four country; England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. All four country have their own parliament and prime minister but somehow similar law and immigration policy. Northern Ireland is the only country share its border with Republican Ireland otherwise UK is surrounded by Atlantic Ocean and Celtic Sea. 

UK has a constitutional monarchy where Queen Elizabeth II is the current monarch, all the country policy however is control by unitary parliamentary democracy. London is the capital of United Kingdom (also capital of England) and the financial center for the country. 

For centuries British are known to be one of the great power in the world. They ruled or explored almost every country in the world and sign of British colony still exist in many country. It is one of the world most developed and powerful country in terms of military, purchasing power and has massive global influence in almost every aspect.

UK is also one of the richest country in the world with high GDP and they are member of many international organization including G7, G20, NATO, UN, WTO. It was a member of EU but after 47 years in 2020 UK withdrawal for European Economic Community. 

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Study In UK

Study in UK
Study in UK

Most university in UK require to have at least 60% score in their recent exam to apply for any courses. In addition they also require to have some level of English proficiency to prove they can study in English.

Since English is the primary language of instruction in the UK, students applying from a non-English speaking country need to demonstrate English proficiency through an English language test as part of the admission process. Standardized

English language tests evaluate students on their reading, listening, speaking and writing skills. The following tests are commonly accepted for entry into degree-level courses:

    • International English-Language Testing System (IELTS) – Academic and UKVI
    • Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) – Internet-Based Test (IBT)
    • Trinity College’s Integrated Skills in English (ISE) 
    • Pearson Test of English (PTE)Cambridge Advanced Certificate in English (CAE)
      • Cambridge Advanced Certificate in English (CAE)
      • Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE)
      • English Language GCSE, A-Level or IB

Language test scores required for admission vary by institution and by program. Some institutions only look at the overall scores, while others have cut-offs for scores in each of the four skills sections. Typically, students applying to an undergraduate course need: 

    • IELTS scores between 5.5 and 6.5 (usually 6.0), with no band less than 5.5 or 6.0
    • TOEFL (internet-based test, iBT) scores between 60.0 and 90.0 overall
    • PTE Academic score between 50 to 64 overall 
    • CAE or CPE score between 169 to 176 overall, with no less than 169 in each category

Why Study In UK

Scholarships In UK

UK has been offering scholarships for many years. The universities provide scholarships for international students. By the scholarships, students can study at a cheaper cost and achieve a very good higher degree. There are many scholarships that are provided by the UK government.

Commonwealth scholarship is one kind of scholarship offered by the government. In this scholarship, the meritorious students can apply for MSc and Ph.D. programs. The scholarships help international students to study in UK at a very reasonable cost. That’s why the scholarships are important in UK for international students.


 Foundation: O level/HSC /diploma completed with 60% mark

IELTS UKVI 5.0 not less than 4.5

 International Year One: A level/HSC /diploma completed with 60% mark

IELTS UKVI 5.5 not less than 5.0

 Bachelor: A level/HSC /diploma completed with 60% mark

IELTS  6.5 not less than 6.0

 Master’s: 4years Bachelor completed with CGPA:  2.7

IELTS 6.5 not less than 5.5



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