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Budapest Metropolitan University (Hungarian: Budapesti Metropolitan Egyetem) is an accredited private institute of higher education in Budapest, Hungary. It is formally known as the BKF University of Applied Sciences or Budapest Metropolitan University of Applied Sciences.

As the Budapest College of Communication and Business (Hungarian: Budapesti Kommunikációs és Üzleti Főiskola), it had offered regular and correspondence BA courses in business communication, international communication, a joint degree in communication (journalism) and European public service and business administration between 2001 and 2005.

The university was accredited as an adult education institute, as well, in 2003. It has started the training of television journalists in partnership with the Hungarian Public Television. It has its own language department, which functions as an official EURO, ITK-Origo, and TOEIC language exam center and offers regular, business, and special language courses.

Budapest Metropolitan University
Budapest Metropolitan University

The Trade Academy of BKF offers special courses at the intermediate and advanced levels. The students can master the tricks of their chosen professions in study groups of 12-18 on the school’s campus, which is located in a suburb of Budapest. The well-equipped and modern school buildings have recently been renovated, and a brand-new, high-tech building was constructed in 2005 with the support of the European Union. Apart from baccalaureate courses, the school also offers vocational and postgraduate courses, company courses in communication, business communication, and European public management. The school also has a secondary school (BKF Bilingual Vocational School).

BKF focused on Communication and Media studies, Business, Economics and Marketing, Tourism and Hospitality, and Applied and Media Arts.

Budapest Metropolitan University of Applied Sciences had its first graduation ceremony on February 26, 2005, when the school bid farewell in style to the first students of business communication who graduated in January 2005. Since 2005, MET has implemented the Bologna process, and transformed the study programmes by the new Hungarian accreditation requirements. The current, running BA and BSc programmes are communication and media studies, business and management, international business, trade and marketing, tourism, public service.

In 2009, MET integrated the “Heller Farkas” College of Tourism, and established an Institute of Visual Arts with BA programmes in photography, graphics, media design, cameraman, film and media studies – these programmes started in 2010. Besides the main campus, in 2010 the Rózsa Street campus opened its gates for art, tourism and catering students.

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Why Budapest Metropolitan University?

Hungary Is Affordable, Safe And Friendly

Study in Georgian College

Budapest Is An Energetic Capital City With Lots Of International Students

We Prepare You For The Challenges Of The Job Market

Metropolitan Degrees Are Internationally Recognized And Accredited

We Provide Foreign Experience And Once-in-a-lifetime Opportunities

We Care About Our Students

We Encourage You To Reach Your Goals

Budapest Metropolitan University Credentials


Our institution is the biggest private university in Hungary, our art faculty is also the biggest in the country.


Various national surveys rank Metropolitan in the upper third of Hungarian higher education institutions and it is among the few top private institutions.


Metropolitan is among the best institutions in improving career opportunities and in facilitating the employment of students through its extensive relations with the labor market.


Our three most popular degree programs among international students are Business Administration and Management, International Business Economics and Communication and Media Sciences BA programs.

Budapest Metropolitan University

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