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Vietnam – At a Glance

Largest City:Ho Chi Minh City
Major Cities:Hanoi
National Language:Vietnamese
Ethnic Group:Vietnamese
Area (KM):331212
Population (Million):96 m
Density (Per KM):290
GDP (Billion Doller):245.2 billion
Currency:Vietnamese dong
Time Zone (Like UTC +6:00):

About Vietnam?

Vietnam, officially known as Socialist Republic of Vietnam is easternmost country on Asia. It has an area of 331,212 km2 and population of 95.5 million. It shares its borders with China, Laos and Cambodia. Hanoi is the capital city and Ho Chi Minh City is the most populated city and commercial hub.

Vietnam has a long history of internal conflict, most notably 1975 war when the country was divided into communist North and anti-communist South. The war was escalated violently which saw the extensive US intervention to support the South but ended with the victory of the North. 

However, since then Vietnam has a vast economic growth. It is one the fastest growing countries in the world. It has a high GDP growth rate. Today Vietnam is member of UN, Association of Southeast Asian Nations, Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation and World Trade Organization. It also one of the most traveled tourist country in the world with rich natural beauty and world heritage site.

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Study In Vietnam

Students can apply for admission in any undergraduate course or higher education courses in any of the relevant universities in Vietnam. TOEFL, SAT, IELTS is the general requirements to start studying in Vietnam, whereas the marks required to get an admission in any of the recognized university depends on the university. Students have to check with each university for specific requirements.

Why Study In Vietnam

Scholarships In Vietnam

Potential students have opportunity to receive up to 50% scholarship to study in Vietnam. Scholarship is given on merit basis as more meritorious students have higher chance to receive a scholarship which will be deducted from their tuition fees. 

Final words

Even though Vietnam is a relatively new in education market but that is exactly what make Vietnam a top choice for higher education. Student who decided to study in Vietnam now will take advantage of their low cost of tuition fees and living and higher chance to receive a scholarship which will greatly improve their affordability. 

For any admission, visa or scholarship information contact Faith Overseas and our trained counselor will happy to help.

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