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Germany ā€“ At a Glance

Largest City:Berlin
Major Cities:Rhine-Ruhr
National Language:German
Ethnic Group:German
Area (KM):357,022
Population (Million):83m
Density (Per KM):232
GDP (Billion Doller):4.4 trillion
Time Zone (Like UTC +6:00):1

About Germany?

Germany is one of the economically strongest countries in Europe. The country is also known as Deutschland. The official language of Germany is German. Berlin is the capital city of Germany.

Germany has established itself as one of the strongest and highly developed countries in the world. Germany is also a part of the European Union, United Nations, G7 and G2O. The country has the largest economy in Europe.

Best Countries to Study Abroad for Bangladeshi Students
Best Countries to Study Abroad for Bangladeshi Students

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Best Countries to Study Abroad for Bangladeshi Students

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Living In Germany

Study In Germany

Best Countries to Study Abroad for Bangladeshi Students
Best Countries to Study Abroad for Bangladeshi Students

Study in Germany is a very good choice for the students. Maximum universities are offering free or low tuition fees for international students. So students can study with very comfortably.

The education quality is very high in Germany. Students can study undergraduate, post-graduate and Ph.D. The education system of the country is monitored by their government.

Why Study In Germany

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Scholarships In UK

Scholarships In Germany

German universities are always ready to give scholarships to international students. The students who have excellent academic results can apply for the scholarships. Maximum students apply for a Masterā€™s scholarship to achieve a postgraduate degree from Germany.

There are many kinds of scholarships that are provided by the German government. The Germany scholarship program provides financial support to international students. DAAD scholarships program also provides financial support and funding opportunities.

Erasmus scholarships which are also very popular among foreign students. The scholarships help the students to reduce their cost and the tuition fees are free. So the students should take the chance to get the scholarship and study free in Germany.

Why Germany is good for Bangladeshi Students

The Bangladeshi students should choose Germany for quality and the other advantages of studying there. They can do part-time jobs besides study. And after completing the degree they can apply for the job in Germany. And it will help the student to get the citizen in Germany.

Best Countries to Study Abroad for Bangladeshi Students

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