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National Academy Of Professional Studies(NAPS)

Study in National Academy Of Professional Studies(NAPS)

The National Academy of Professional Studies (NAPS) was conceived by a group of seasoned academics and dedicated business professionals who, having launched successful careers either as international students or through extensive collaboration with them, aspired to enhance the educational experience for future global students. Founded in 2016, NAPS was established as a higher education institution committed to delivering professional practical skills with a curriculum tailored to meet the needs of international and local students aspiring to global careers.

Harnessing their collective skills and international expertise, the founders assembled a diverse team of experts from around the world to collaboratively shape the vision of NAPS. The team, characterized by innovation, diligently develops courses that are responsive to emerging global trends. In 2016, they identified Accountancy and Islamic Business as focal points, recognizing the global relevance and increasing demand for these disciplines, particularly in emerging markets and developing nations.

NAPS takes pride in its Bachelor of Business (Islamic Business) degree, which stands as a distinctive alternative to conventional Australian business courses with a ‘Western-centric’ focus. This program is designed to address the specific nuances of the Islamic commercial context, providing students with valuable insights applicable to nations such as Indonesia, Malaysia, the Middle East, the Gulf region, and Nigeria.

Study in Australia
Study in Australia
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Location of NAPS

The National Academy of Professional Studies (NAPS) is strategically located to offer a unique educational experience. Situated in a dynamic global hub, NAPS provides students with a vibrant and cosmopolitan setting conducive to international learning. The exact location is not specified in the provided information, but the choice of location aligns with the institution’s commitment to preparing students for global careers. Whether in the heart of a bustling city or amidst cultural diversity, NAPS aims to create an environment that mirrors the interconnected world in which its students aspire to excel.

Why Study in NAPS

Studying at the National Academy of Professional Studies (NAPS) offers a distinctive and globally-oriented educational experience for aspiring students. NAPS, founded by a team of seasoned academics and business professionals, is dedicated to providing a curriculum that reflects the needs of international students with global career ambitions. With an innovative approach, NAPS stands out in developing courses that consider emerging global trends. For those seeking a specialized education, the Bachelor of Business (Islamic Business) degree is a rare alternative, catering to the demands of nations like Indonesia, Malaysia, the Middle East, the Gulf region, and Nigeria. NAPS is committed to delivering professional practical skills, ensuring graduates are well-prepared for the evolving demands of the international job market. By choosing NAPS, students not only gain a quality education but also benefit from a forward-thinking institution that understands the complexities of a globalized world. Elevate your education and career prospects with NAPS, where innovation meets international relevance.

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Study in Australia
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