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China – At a Glance

Largest City:Shanghai
Major Cities:Tianjin
National Language:Standard Chinese
Ethnic Group:Han
Area (KM):9,596,961
Population (Million):1.4 Billion
Density (Per KM):145
GDP (Billion Doller):24,471 trillion
Time Zone (Like UTC +6:00):8

About China?

China or People’s Republic of China situated in south Asia. With 9.6 million square km and 1.4 billion in population it is the largest country in the world by population. Beijing is the capital of china.

China known for one of the world’s earliest civilizations. It has a long history of ruled by different dynasty for many century. They are the early inventor of paper making, compass, gunpowder, and silk. Invention that change the world forever and bring trader from far away to China for trade.  

Modern China unitary one-party socialist republic. It has the world fastest growing economy, largest exporter, largest standing army. They are member of numerous international organization including UN and United Nations Security Council. 

Best Countries to Study Abroad for Bangladeshi Students
Best Countries to Study Abroad for Bangladeshi Students

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Best Countries to Study Abroad for Bangladeshi Students

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Why MBBS in China

Study in China
Study in China

MBBS program is one of the best programs in China. The most important thing is the cost for MBBS degree in China is cheaper. China has developed its medical facilities and education so well. The student who wants to explore his/her career in the medical profession, China is best for them.

After completing MBBS, the student can go to other countries or their home countries. Most of all the Bangladeshi students who want to study in medical they choose China. There is a reason behind this.

In Bangladesh, many students can’t study MBBS because of financial lacking and the cost to study MBBS. On the other hand, China is giving the opportunity to study MBBS there at a low cost than Bangladesh. So the students go there to study and make their future as a good doctor.

The medical colleges of China are approved by the BMDC (Bangladesh Medical and Dental Board) and WHO. Every year many students from Bangladesh go to China to study MBBS. The medical colleges of China offer low cost and other good facilities for international students.

Why Study in China

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Scholarships In China

China is giving the scholarship for the international students. The students can study in China for a full free scholarship. Most of the universities of China offer the scholarship to the students according to their merit. The students who are thinking of the expenses to bear, China is best for them. That’s why study in china from Bangladesh with scholarship is much popular for Bangladeshi student who are seeking education in China. Besides, Bangladeshi student can also study in china without ielts as their lots of options for international students where many institute offers admission to study in china without ielts. But IELTS is mandatory for most of the institute if student dream about study in china scholarship. As study in china from Bangladesh with scholarship is not possible for many students who doesn’t meet goods IELTS score.

China provides a scholarship for both undergraduate and postgraduate programs. The Chinese government offers CSC scholarships for international students. The scholarship is open to all international students. Most of all the Bangladeshi students are taking the scholarship in China.

They can study free there by taking the scholarship. The young students who are still worrying about the higher study abroad, Faith overseas will help you to go to China for taking a higher degree. Faith overseas will provide the best universities in China to the students. So that the student will get the right direction about their future and become successful in their upcoming life.

Why China is Good for Bangladeshi Students

China offers Bangladeshi students access to rapidly advancing educational and economic opportunities. With competitive tuition rates and numerous scholarships, it’s financially accessible. Mandarin proficiency enhances communication skills and employability. China’s strategic location facilitates cultural exploration and regional networking.

Its emphasis on research and development fosters innovative learning experiences. Overall, China provides Bangladeshi students with a conducive environment for academic growth, cultural exchange, and career advancement, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a dynamic and transformative educational journey.

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