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Malaysia ‚Äď At a Glance

Capital:Kuala Lumpur
Largest City:Kuala Lumpur
Major Cities:Putrajaya
National Language:Malay
Ethnic Group:Bumiputera
Area (KM):330803
Population (Million):32m
Density (Per KM):92
GDP (Billion Doller):1.1 trillion
Time Zone (Like UTC +6:00):8

About Malaysia?

Malaysia is a wonderful country placed in Southeast Asia. It is one of the most developing and promising country in Asia. With a total land area of 303,803 km2 and population of 32 million it is also one of the most populated country in the world. The capital city of Malaysia is Kuala Lumpur. It is one of the largest cities in this country. 

Their infrastructure is one of the best in the world. The economy of this country is very strong. The GDP is very high and growing. The country is famous for its natural beauty. The Petronas Twin Towers which is the tallest twin towers in the world is located in Malaysia. People from all over the country come to this country to travel and explore the culture of Malaysia.

As a former British colony Malaysia maintain a Westminster parliamentary system. Traditionally their economy use to depend on natural resources but recently it expanding in science, tourism, commerce and medical tourism. 

Study in Malaysia
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Study In Malaysia

Study in Malaysia
Study in Malaysia

Study in Malaysia is one of the good choices for students. The students do not need to study the Malaysian language, they can study in English. Malaysian government offers a scholarship in Malaysia for international students. So the students can study at a cheaper cost.

Many students study in Malaysia from Bangladesh. Bangladeshi students choose this country to study. Because of the cost of living is lower and the study is cost quite cheaper.

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Living In Malaysia

Entry qualification to study in Malaysia from Bangladesh

The entry qualification is quite easy to study in Malaysia. The student who has passed high school he /she can apply to study for a diploma degree. The student who passed the 12th standard he/she can apply for the bachelor’s degree. Moreover, graduate students can apply for masters. 

The government offers the students to do a Ph.D. in Malaysia. Even the cost to study in Malaysia is cheaper. A student can apply to various universities in Malaysia to study their favorite subjects.

Why Study In Malaysia

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Who can apply to study in Malaysia from Bangladesh?

The students from all over the world with any background can apply to study in Malaysia. The students can apply for MBBS, engineering, BBA, MBA and many other subjects to study.

The students can apply for the undergraduate programs, postgraduate program and diploma programs. The student who has a study gap and are failed to study in other universities.

Malaysia is giving them the opportunity to study their universities. Moreover, the students can transfer their credits from their universities to the better universities of Malaysia. The Bangladeshi students are very keen to apply to Malaysia. Moreover, the government provides a scholarship in Malaysia for Bangladeshi students.


 Diploma: SSC completed with 50% mark

No IELTS needed

 Bachelor: HSC and SSC completed with up to 50% mark

No IELTS needed

 Master’s: Bachelor completed with up to 60% mark

IELTS 6.0 not less than 5.5 and some institutes don’t require this.

 Study gap: Accepted



Why Malaysia is Good for Bangladeshi Students

The students who could not afford to study in high cost EU or USA or the private universities of Bangladesh can study in Malaysia at a much lower cost.

  • The students can do a¬†dual degree program¬†in Malaysia.
  • The students who graduate can apply for the¬†master scholarship in Malaysia.
  • The students who are passed from high school can apply for a diploma degree.

Study in Malaysia is one of the best options for Bangladeshi students because Malaysia is a highly developed country and has a high-ranked educational institute and many subjects to choose from. Malaysia also allows students to work while studying to support their education.

Bangladeshi student can study in Malaysia at some well ranked university City University , INTI International University & Colleges, Universiti Putra Malaysia, SEGi University, Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation

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