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Study in Durham University

Study in Durham University, a distinguished institution nestled in the historic city of Durham, England, stands as a beacon of academic excellence with roots dating back to its founding in 1832. Esteemed as one of the UK’s oldest universities, it consistently secures top-tier rankings globally and nationally.

This venerable institution offers a diverse array of undergraduate and postgraduate programs spanning arts, sciences, business, and law, boasting world-class faculty and cutting-edge research facilities. At Durham University, academic pursuits are elevated through a commitment to excellence in teaching and groundbreaking research.

Study in Durham University
Study in Durham University

For international students, Durham University extends a supportive hand, addressing academic and personal needs. Accommodation choices, ranging from catered to self-catered options, accommodate diverse preferences. The university fosters a vibrant social scene with an array of student clubs and societies. Additional support services, including language assistance, visa guidance, and comprehensive adjustment resources, ensure a seamless transition to life in the UK.

Situated atop a picturesque hill overlooking the city and the River Wear, Durham University’s breathtaking campus provides an inspiring backdrop for scholarly endeavors. The historic charm of Durham, marked by stunning architecture and a rich cultural history, further enhances the overall student experience. Immerse yourself in the captivating blend of academic prowess and scenic beauty that Durham University has to offer.

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Location of Durham University

Durham University’s exceptional appeal lies in its status as a globally renowned hub for teaching and research excellence. Positioned just two miles from the A1(M), accessing this esteemed institution is effortless—simply take the A690 Durham – Sunderland road after exiting the motorway at Junction 62 and follow the well-indicated signs to Durham City Centre. The university’s strategic location becomes even more apparent when considering its accessibility from major cities, with a distance of 264 miles from London, 187 miles from Birmingham, 125 miles from Edinburgh, and a mere 67 miles from York. Whether you embark on the journey from the bustling south or the historic north, Durham University welcomes you with the promise of an extraordinary academic experience in a unique and historic setting.

Why Study in Durham University?

Study in Durham University is dedicated to ensuring the success of its students by offering a unique preparatory program. Geared towards incoming undergraduates and postgraduates, this initiative aims to enhance both English language proficiency and understanding of the relevant academic subjects. The program also provides invaluable insights into the teaching style and independent learning methods characteristic of university studies. By participating in this comprehensive preparatory course, students can foster the skills and commitment necessary for a successful academic journey at Study in  Durham University. It serves as a bridge, ensuring a seamless transition into the distinctive educational experience awaiting them.

Study in Durham University

Entry requirements

English language:

English language:

Courses Offered at Durham University

Undergraduate Programs

Marketing and Management BA (Hons)

Economics BA (Hons)

Biological Sciences BSc (Hons)

Chemistry BSc (Hons)

Education Studies BA (Hons)

Engineering BEng (Hons)

Postgraduate program

Why Durham University is suitable for Bangladeshi Students?

Study in Durham University emerges as the optimal choice for Bangladeshi students, offering a uniquely tailored academic environment that aligns with their specific needs and ambitions. Renowned for academic excellence, Study in Durham embraces students from Bangladesh within its diverse and inclusive community. 

The university’s unwavering commitment to fostering a global perspective creates a supportive atmosphere for international students, providing a seamless blend of academic rigor and cultural inclusivity. With a spectrum of programs and resources crafted to elevate the educational experience, Study in Durham University stands out as a compelling destination for Bangladeshi students seeking a world-class education amidst a picturesque setting and vibrant cultural diversity.

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