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India ‚Äď At a Glance

Capital:New Delhi
Largest City:Mumbai
Major Cities:Kolkata
National Language:Hindi
Ethnic Group:Indian
Area (KM):3,287,263
Population (Million):1.3 billion
Density (Per KM):406
GDP (Billion Doller):12 trillion
Time Zone (Like UTC +6:00):5:30

About India?

India is situated in south East Asia. With an area 3.2 million km2 and population of 1.3 billion it is the largest and most populated country in south Asia. India is one of the most beautiful lands in this sub-continent. The country is well known for its Art and culture. New Delhi is the capital and Mumbai is the largest city of India.India has a history of ruled by many empire most notably the Mughal Empire. They ruled over entire India for 200 years in peace leaving many legacy and luminous architecture. However it was ended when British Empire took over during 1858. After centuries however nationalist movement emerged and end British rule in 1947.

India has many states and every state has its own art and culture. Taj Mahal which is regarded as one of the seven wonders is located in India. Besides the country has many heritages. The people from all over the world come to India to witness the beauty, art, and culture. The tourist will get a wonderful experience after coming to India. India is also known for its sports. Cricket, Hockey, Kabaddi, Badminton and many other games are popular in India. India is rich for its classical music and dance. The country is rich in every aspect.

Best Countries to Study Abroad for Bangladeshi Students
Best Countries to Study Abroad for Bangladeshi Students

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Best Countries to Study Abroad for Bangladeshi Students

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Living In India

Costs to study In India from Bangladesh

The cost of education in India is quite cheaper than in other countries. So that study in foreign for foreign students is quite easy. The cost of living and other things in India is lower. Anyone can easily live a good life in India at a low cost.

Bangladesh is quite cheaper to study in India. The cost of study in Indian universities is three times less than the private universities of Bangladesh. The students who do not qualify for the public universities and can not admit in the private university due to financial problem.

They can apply for Indian universities and study there at a low cost than Bangladesh. They can apply for the scholarship that Indian universities and their government offers. If they get the scholarship they can study in India for free.

Study In India

Study in India
Study in India

Study in India has become a major choice for students. India has vastly developed its education system. Every major area of education like science, technology, arts has gain world class recognition. International student can study here with up to 100% scholarship. Even without scholarship cost of living and study is considerably cheaper than many western country. 

Why Study In India

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Scholarships In UK

Scholarships In India

The good thing is the Indian Universities offers a scholarship for international students. So they can apply for the scholarship and after getting the scholarship they can study in India for free. Students will get three kinds of scholarships.

The following scholarships are ICCR (Indian Council for Cultural Relations) scholarship, Presidential scholarship and University scholarship. ICCR scholarship is offered by Indian Council. The ICCR scholarship is specially offered for Bangladeshi students.

Bangladeshi students can apply for this scholarship for undergraduate programs and postgraduate programs. They can also apply for Ph.D. in India. The presidential scholarship will help meritorious students who are financially unable to study.

Why India is good for Bangladeshi Students

For Bangladeshi students, it is quite easy to go there and study.India is the neighboring country of Bangladesh so the students can have a good environment lust like Bangladesh.

The Bangladeshi students can give the admission examination by online study hub in India.The students who cannot bear the cost of the private university of Bangladesh can apply for Indian universities and study there with a cheaper cost than the private university of Bangladesh.

Indian universities offer a scholarship for international students, so the Bangladeshi students can apply for that and if they get the scholarship the students can study in India from Bangladesh for free.

Best Countries to Study Abroad for Bangladeshi Students

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