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Study in Brunel University, Brunel University was founded in 1966. The institution was named after the famous Victorian engineer and a pioneer of the Industrial Revolution, Isambard Kingdom Brunel. Brunel College of Advanced Technology was awarded a royal charter and became Brunel University in June 1966.

Brunel University London is a public research university located in the Uxbridge area of London, England. Brunel University is currently organized into three colleges. The three college structure was adopted in August 2014, which also changed the university’s name to Brunel University London.

Brunel University London is a single site university. The campus offers thousands of benefit for both international and local students. Everything is easily accessible and available within a 10-minute walk. Brunel University London is known as a home for international students. More than 150 countries around the globe are represented at Brunel.

Study in Brunel University
Study in Brunel University

There are very few universities that offer a better learning environment than we do. We are considered among the top 25% of UK universities for research, which means we have highly qualified faculties and active students who collectively work to conduct and produce world-renowned research projects. The conducted researches are practically beneficial for real life situations and promote innovative solutions.

Our standard of teaching is considered to be among UK’s finest. Here students are given the opportunity to select their desired subject based on their eligibilities. Our highly qualified faculty members and lecturers will support you and guide you throughout your journey as a student of Brunel University London. Moreover, as our faculty members are the leading planners of their respective subjects, it becomes an exceedingly inspiring learning experience for the students.

Our former students have earned themselves successful careers and many of them developed their ideas and successfully formed their own companies. Our learning opportunities will amaze you in many ways.

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Location of Brunel University London

Brunel University London’s campus is situated in Uxbridge, West London. The campus also offers accommodation and is home to nearly 13,000 students from more than 100 countries worldwide. Brunel University is also more advantageous comparing to other institutions for being located at an ideal location in the heart of England’s capital, London city.

The campus easily accessible from all corners of the city and is conveniently located 17 miles west of Central London. Brunel University London has an easy access to the City Centre (1 hour on the underground Metropolitan line from the nearest town Uxbridge).

Moreover, the university is close to London Heathrow Airport (20 minutes by car) and has excellent highway connections to the rest of the UK, which allows students to travel to any part of the city with ease. There are beautiful places to visit in and outside the campus including the Battle of Britain Bunker museum and Hillingdon cemetery.

There are several convenient restaurants and departmental stores outside the campus where the students can visit or buy their necessary things. Furthermore, the Hillingdon Hospital is very near to the campus, which is significant for emergency circumstances.

Study in Brunel University

Courses Offered at Brunel University London

Pathways to Undergraduate Courses at Brunel

We have specially designed our pathway courses to prepare students for entering Brunel University London. Nearly 4,500 students who have completed a pathway program at Brunel Pathway College ‚Äď our on-campus pathway provider ‚Äď have progressed onto graduating with a full undergraduate or postgraduate degree from our university.

Our courses are of particular benefit to students who are unable to meet the direct entry criteria or level of English that is required for entering the degree programs.

We offer the following pathways for 70% of our undergraduate degree programs: 

All of our undergraduate pathway courses include an optional work placement year. We also have multiple intakes throughout the year; September, January and May, which gives you more flexibility over when to start your studies.

Foundation Stage:

Foundation Stage is for the students who do not quite meet Brunel’s direct entry criteria. It will help you understand what is expected from you at the university and prepare you for your chosen degree. International Year 1 Stage covers the first-year curriculum of a Brunel bachelor degree in smaller classes and with extra academic hours. This will enable you to fully develop your knowledge and understanding of each module. The extra support provided by BPC will help you to successfully bridge the gap between your previous studies and Brunel. Whilst studying at the Brunel Pathway College (BPC), you will have access to the same university facilities and services as every other student on campus.

College Of Business, Arts And Social Sciences

College Of Engineering And Computing

College Of Health, Medicine And Life Sciences

Why Study at Brunel University London?

There are multiple key factors, which motivates the student to study at Brunel University London. The university offers numerous facilities and advantages alongside high-standard education that enable students to stay a step ahead compared to other university students.

Study in UK

Placement Support

Getting a job can be a strenuous for many students. However, at Brunel University that process starts the day you arrive. Over 95% of our courses offer a placement, giving you the opportunity to gain invaluable real work experience. Moreover, 100% of our students have access to first-class coaching, mentoring and networking, which continues for up to three years after graduation. Our subject-specific career consultants demonstrate their industry insight and experience to help you explore your options and market yourself to recruiters. Plus our Entrepreneur hub is on hand to help startups and freelancers to develop their entrepreneurial skills.

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Study in Brunel University

Our Major On-campus Facilities

Taking up a part-time job is a great way to earn some extra money, as well as giving you valuable work experience and learning new skills. Our Job Shop can help you find part-time opportunities on and off campus. 

Scholarships at Brunel

We offer a number of international scholarships each year. Some awards are worth up to £6,000 a year which will effectively help you fund tuition fees and living costs whilst you are at the university. Besides, Brunel University is also a Chevening Scholarship partner.

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Study in Brunel University

Why Brunel University London is suitable for Bangladeshi Students?

Education is highly prioritized in Bangladesh. However, due to its dense population and several other limitations, the ideal educational structure to provide adequate care to every student is still under development. This is why students from Bangladesh often tend to go abroad for higher education.  

Brunel University London is a very promising destination to study for the students of Bangladesh. The university is very warm and caring, especially for the international students including students from developing countries like Bangladesh.

Brunel University is situated in the heart of London city, which is home for thousands of Bangladeshi people. Hence, while studying at Brunel, students from Bangladesh will not feel far from home.

Every year enormous number of students from the country successfully gets admission at Brunel University. This strong presence helps the newly migrated students from Bangladesh to adapt quickly with ease.

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Finish Line

Brunel University London has earned a name for itself as a research university. The institution is open for students from all academic backgrounds. Our university offers a set of advantages regarding its easily accessible location, quality of education, teacher-student ratio, creative growth, campus atmosphere, flexibility of studies, part-time job facilities, and many more.

International students are specially embraced with affection and care as they leave their home country to study at Brunel University London. The university is focused on ensuring the privacy and safety for every student.

Our aim is to provide the students with a home-like atmosphere, so that they never feel alone. We make sure that our students complete their desired degree with a memorable student life experience at Brunel University London.

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