What to do for higher education in abroad

higher education in abroad

At present, students are more conscious than before. So they know well that everything is very expensive except for the wages of the workers in Bangladesh. Education is also more expensive here compared to its quality. There are many reasons why studying abroad is becoming so popular. Here is a list of some of the reasons behind students opting to study in abroad:

Highest quality, lowest cost

Studying at any private university in Bangladesh is expensive in terms of quality for those who fail to get a chance at the public universities. A student has to pay a good amount of tuition fees (excluding other expenditures) to the medium standard private universities in Bangladesh. For BBA or Engineering courses, the tuition fees are more expensive. In this regard, a student can plan for taking higher study from abroad.

Acquainting multi-culture experience

Generally, many students from different countries come to study at foreign universities. As a result, students get the opportunities to earn knowledge through creating friendship, cultural exchange and various competitions during their academic secession.

Opportunity to study in modern syllabus

Developed countries design the university syllabus based on the current demand for global job markets. So students can get practical education from the university and thus they can easily adapt to the job market at the end of the course.

Opportunities to develop skills

When a student study with the students from different countries, it will pave the way for him/her to improve his/her skills undoubtedly.

How to prepare for study abroad

Budget: At first, you have to think about your budget limitation. According to your budget, you have to choose the country and university for higher study.

Skill development: You have to be proficient in English to apply in many countries. Besides, you need to have the mentality to keep pace with the multidimensional environment.

In which subject and where in the world should I study: As we know, students from many countries including Nepal, Bhutan, India, and Sri Lanka come to our country to study MBBS. Suppose you will study Law in abroad. For this, the UK or Malaysia is a good choice for you. Thatā€™s why you need to have the basic ability to select a country which is famous for your subject.

Having basic knowledge about the desired country: A student must have general ideas (such as- part-time job rules, procedures of PR, eating habits and living costs) about the country where s/he is going to study.

Things to do for choosing a university

Choosing the right university is the most important part of getting higher education in abroad. You can follow these guidelines for choosing your desired university.

Infrastructure of the university: For the development of any sector, infrastructure is very important. So, before enrolling in any university, you have to get proper information about its infrastructure including size, lab facilities, teaching environment, library facilities and others.

Syllabus and teachers: The number of PhD holder teachers and the ratio of student and teachers of your desired university are very important. Besides, you should also consider the syllabus of the university whether it is up to date and dependable in the job market or not.

Ranking and Certificate: You should consider the ranking and the popularity among local students of the university you are going to study. It is also necessary to see whether the varsity is approved by the appropriate authorities of the country. For example, we look for the approval of the UGC for enrolling in our local universities.

Sports facilities: Universities needs to have sports facilities for its students. Most of the private and public universities have this facility abroad. But except public universities, only a few private universities have this facility in our country.

Job placement: The University may not provide you with a job but it can help you to get a job. It can also help you to become a skilled job seeker or entrepreneur. So, you have to choose that university which can help you in this regard.

Some common mistakes that students make while applying to study abroad

Not choosing the right consultancy firm: Every business sector has good or bad people. So, there is no difference in the consultancy business. Besides, there are many consultancy firms which are doing business with reputation and sending many students aboard for higher study. There are some fraud firms which create troubles for the guardians and the students. So, students should check the consultancy firm whether it is a member of the Bangladesh Student Consultancy Association or not.

Choosing country and university according to the budget: The biggest mistake that Bangladeshi students always do is the random choosing of developed and expensive countries including the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the UK and Germany. There is no problem to go to these countries for study but students have to think their budget before making the decision. Those who want to bear expenditure by part-time work, have to get proper information about the permission of part-time job of the country. Otherwise, their local guardians have to bear their expenditures. Because it is only possible to bear the maximum living cost through part-time work.

Choosing country and university according to the qualification: Students should choose the country and varsity according to their qualifications. They should not waste their precious academic year by enrolment in inappropriate country and university.

Self-trying without knowing the exact rules of applying and getting visa: Many students apply for the wrong ways without knowing the proper guidelines of visa processing and thus they face visa refusal. So it is better to take help from someone who is an expert in this filed.

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