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Warsaw Management University

Warsaw Management University

The Warsaw Management University (WSM) is the college with a group of almost 80 thousand students over more than 20 years of existence. It is one of the most advanced colleges in Poland.

From its very beginning, the University has placed emphasis on the comprehensive development and education of young generation of Polish citizens and a significant group of 15 thousand foreigners.

Currently, the Warsaw Management University educates over 5 thousand full-time and part-time students in 10 fields of undergraduate and graduate studies, long-cycle studies, engineering studies and postgraduate studies. It is possible to study at 5 faculties, in Warsaw and at branch faculties in Ciechanów, Bełchatów and Karvina (Czech Republic).

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Warsaw Management University Education

The University enjoys the high credibility among the students due to the highly qualified and experienced research and teaching staff. The WSM educational offer is being extended by new fields of studies and specialties in accordance with the expectations of the labour market.

Enriching its offer the University makes it possible to study Management and National Security in English. The Warsaw Management University actively cooperates at the international level with the other Universities, inter alia, from Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Turkey, Belgium, USA, France, Germany, Great Britain and Russia.

The University actively participates in Poland’s social and economic life, organizes numerous conferences, including international ones, supports charitable and sports activities, is a patron of culture. The following organizations and offices actively operate at the University: Student Self-Government, science groups, Graduate Club, Career Office and University Sports Association. The unique scholarship and social assistance programs are crated for the welfare of the students.

The WSM campus is one of the most advanced academic facilities in Poland. Besides the rich scientific and educational infrastructure, it includes, inter alia, an entertainment and concert hall for 700 persons, sports and recreation facilities (swimming pool, sports hall), dormitory for 300 students, library and catering facilities. The activities of the Warsaw Management University are an example of the prestige of the Polish non-public higher education.

Awards and Honors

The Warsaw Management University receives many accreditations, certificates and awards for its scientific-research and educational activities and scores high in various rankings.

The most important ones include:

International Cooperation

The Warsaw Management University actively cooperates at the international level with the other Universities, inter alia, from Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Georgia, Belgium, USA, Finland, France, Ireland, Germany, Norway, Belarus, Denmark, Spain, Russia, Great Britain, Australia, China, Malaysia.

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