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Study in Seneca College

Located in Toronto, Canada, Seneca is one of Canada’s largest colleges with 30,000 full-time students studying here annually.

Whether you are preparing for a career or further education, our degree, post-graduate, diploma and certificate programs will help you meet your goals. 

Seneca offers a range of exciting opportunities, university partnerships and practical learning experiences. Learn from faculty who are experts in their fields and closely connected to industry. Our services and resources have one objective – your success.

Study in Seneca College
Study in Seneca College
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Why Canada?

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Why Toronto?

Ride The Rocket

Toronto’s public transportation system is the third largest after New York City and Mexico City. 

Business As Usual

Toronto and the surrounding region are home to 216,000+ small, medium and large businesses that employ a highly skilled multilingual workforce. 

Toronto’s top employment sectors range from Financial Services, Design, Education Services, IT & Communications, Engineering, Media & Marketing, Applied Sciences & Biochemistry and Hospitality.

Toronto is Canada’s largest city, and at Seneca, it is right at your doorstep. This world-class city has something for everyone, with thriving arts and music scenes, professional sports teams, fantastic shopping and a vibrant nightlife. Consistently ranked as one of the world’s most livable cities, Toronto is also a great place to study. 

190+ programs to choose from with 500+ career options in:

Learning and Experience

Study in Seneca College

A great way to prepare for your career is to combine classroom learning with hands-on experience in the workplace. 

At Seneca, we complement your in-class learning with work experience opportunities to gain practical skills and build valuable connections outside the classroom. Co-ops, work terms and field experience are some of the available opportunities. 

 Co-ops and work terms are ways for you to gain valuable work experience in your field. These can vary in length; can be paid or unpaid, and optional or mandatory. Program pages online will identify what type of co-op or work term is available for your program. This is a great way to develop a network of industry contacts ahead of graduation while putting your program learning into practice. 

 Field Experience enables you to relate what you learn in the classroom and labs to what is happening in the workplaces you will be headed to after graduation. Depending on your program, opportunities could include field placement, practicum, internship or an externship. Getting that field experience while you are still in school gives you a head start. You will develop professional contacts within your industry and enhance your resume at the same time.

Support Services

We are committed to your success and are here to help. From mentoring and tutoring to housing and career services, we offer a range of support 

services to help you make the most of your college experience.

International Student Services

Your transition to life at Seneca is made as easy as possible with our International Student Services: 

Study in Seneca College


Our goal is to ensure you have access to the support you need when you need it. Our advisers will work with you throughout the semester and help you access the services and supports you need to be successful in your program. 


Counselling is confidential and available to students who might be dealing with a variety of personal problems. The demands of school can feel overwhelming and there are times when unexpected events happen in our lives. Counsellors are here to help you through life’s difficult moments. 


Our unique mentoring program, SMILE (Student Mentoring in Life and Education), offers you the chance to connect with a senior student in your program area who can support you in your transition to Seneca. 


Located at the main campuses, the Learning Centres provide tutoring for students in English, mathematics and selected introductory subjects specific to programs offered at Seneca. Tutoring approaches include one-on-one sessions, group tutoring, workshops and supplemental instruction. 

Health Services

All full-time international students receive medical coverage in Ontario, including hospital and doctor’s visits, and emergency services. International students have some dental and vision care coverage per academic year.

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Seneca has many campuses located in Toronto and across the Great Toronto Area (GTA). Campuses are accessible by car, public transportation as well as a free daily campus-to-campus shuttle bus.

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Accommodation Options


Living on campus gives you the full college experience and can help ease your transition to Canada. Seneca’s apartment-style residence buildings at Newnham and King campuses are:  Close to classes, the library, computer labs and sports facilities


You can choose to stay with a family in a community in a safe and welcoming environment where meal options are included. The Homestay program links our international students with people in the community who wish to offer a home to international students who attend Seneca. 

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Room in a House

Room in a House is similar to the Homestay program, in that you can stay with a local family, but does not include meal options. Visit: for more information about Homestay and Room in a House.

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