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Founded in 1931 Universiti Putra Malaysia is a leading research university in Malaysia. Universiti Putra Malaysia offering undergraduate and postgraduate courses focus on agricultural sciences and related programs. Beside agriculture Universiti Putra Malaysia also offer courses in science, medicine, engineering, business, veterinary medicine and social science. Universiti Putra Malaysia is one of the best universities in Malaysia and in the world; it is ranked 159th best university in the world QS World Ranking 2020, 34th Best Asian Universities and 2nd Best University in Malaysia.

Study in Malaysia
Study in Malaysia

As one of Malaysia’s largest and premier universities, Universiti Putra Malaysia has a long-standing reputation for teaching and research excellence and has over the years become a favored choice for students from all over the world. A multi-disciplinary university with a distinguished 88-year history, Universiti Putra Malaysia is globally-recognized for its excellent educational and academic disciplines and programs that have contributed immensely to knowledge and skilled human capital development since 1931.

With over 27,000 students Universiti Putra Malaysia offers a wide verity of programs including 80 bachelors, 7 diplomas and 57 course work programs and another 5 research programs at Master and PhD levels, as a world class centre of learning Putra Universiti offers over 280 different programs. With a slogan ‚ÄúWith Knowledge We Serve‚ÄĚ Universiti Putra influencing a generation and imparting knowledge is the core of all activities. Universiti Putra achieved the global recognition comparable to any renowned local and international university.

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The accommodation provided on-campus gives great value-for-money and is located in close proximity to campus facilities, transport and other important consumer services. There are two (2) types of accommodation within the UPM campus, which are available for international students, including International Transit House (ITH), with 2-room, 1-bathroom flats and Residential Colleges, offering twin-share rooms with common facilities. International students are advised to reserve their accommodation before coming to Malaysia as apartments in the ITH and rooms in residential colleges are limited.

Research & Development

Universiti Putra Malaysia conducts cutting-edge research across the broadest range of disciplines with breakthrough research and potential economic joint ventures. UPM is a research-focused university with a team of academicians who are global experts in their fields. Whether it is a taught programme or a research degree, at UPM, you will be working with people who push the boundaries of knowledge for the nation’s advancement. As a lively hub for local and foreign researchers, the university provides a conducive research environment in cultivating varied talents to generate novel breakthroughs and significant inroads into sustainable solutions. The university also provides infrastructure for research activities and supports real-world entrepreneurial applications

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