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Montpellier Business School

Study in Montpellier Business School

Founded in 1897 and built on strong values, Montpellier Business School offers French and international students who are unique in their diversity and their backgrounds the excellence of an internationally recognized French Grande Ecole of Management. Located in Montpellier, France it is one of the oldest and most prestigious university in the country.

With over 3600 students, Montpellier Business School is chosen by students all over the world for their higher education. Montpellier Business School offers courses in both undergraduate and postgraduate.

Study In Montpellier Business School
Study In Montpellier Business School
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Why Study in Montpellier Business School

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Ā Career Center

Throughout the year, a team of recruitment professionals works full-time on student employability: MBSā€™ career consultants support students at every stage of their professionalization, from self-evaluation to the search for internships or employment. As a result, more than 70% of our students are hired before graduation.

Ā Mbs Entrepreneurship

From information to professional development, MBS Entrepreneurship Center helps students nurturing their entrepreneurial knowledge and supports project promoters from idea through to funding. Coaches and experts oversee tens of projects and start-up creations.

Ā A Network Of 17,000 Alumni

The Alumni association gathers 17,000 graduates and almost 30 branches worldwide. Students are free lifetime members of MBS Alumni. They benefit from all services allowing them to be involved in the network from the moment they arrive at school.

Ā French Tech Montpellier

A French center of excellence recognized for its start-up ecosystem, Montpellier has more than 1,350 digital companies, 15,000 jobs, and over 500 events per year in entrepreneurship and digital.

Ā Major Partner Companies

Montpellier Business School has partnerships with thousands of companies, and its Advisory Board includes 50 corporations that share their values and are involved in the schoolā€™s strategic orientation and activities.

Study In Montpellier Business School

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