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Study in Halmstad University

Study in Halmstad University and live on the west coast of Sweden from Bangladesh

Right now you are about to start a journey that may take you anywhere. No matter what education you choose, the next few years will bring about changes for you for the rest of your life! This article is meant to inspire you to start this journey at Halmstad University – in many ways other words for development and new thinking. And we give you the first lesson now: you are responsible for the first step towards your future.

Study In Halmstad University
Study In Halmstad University
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Reasons to Study in Halmstad University

Finding your path to success is about more than choosing the right degree programme. It’s also about choosing the right university in the right location one that gives you a good living situation, a rewarding social life and lots to discover during your free time.

An ideal size

Our ideal size lets us dedicate personal attention to every student on campus, to support your success during your studies and to launch you into the career of your dreams. Being a small city, Halmstad offers a peaceful study environment and makes for close relationships between researchers, students and businesses in our community.

An innovative university

Our top-ranked degree programs in exciting, cutting-edge areas are highly regarded far beyond the academic world. Our programs are focused on innovation to meet the real needs of businesses and societies, both today and in the future, and that gives you a competitive advantage.

An ideal location

We are located in one of Sweden’s greenest, smartest and healthiest small cities, with an inspiring riverside and seaside setting that includes Sweden’s most famous beach. And Halmstad just a short, under 90 minute, drive or train ride from Gothenburg in one direction, and the Malmo Copenhagen metro area in the other.

And of course: Student life

Halmstad is often rated as an excellent university town and is said to have the best fresher’s week in Sweden. The fresher’s week is preceded by months of planning and preparation, all done to make you feel welcome as a new student and to help you get to know the university, your fellow students and your new home.

Study In Halmstad University

The career of your dreams starts here

Be a part of our formula for success

Our ideal size is your perfect fit. That means you’re always close to everything on campus, to cafés, city center and beaches, and to your Professors And it gives you many high quality degrees, in unique cutting-edge area to choose from as well as close interaction with businesses and organizations in our community.

Innovation and entrepreneurship

We believe in innovation, entrepreneurship and a multidisciplinary approach in our programs. That means that your degree program is constantly developing based on the latest insights from other academic fields, research and business. And it means you’ll be well equipped to overcome challenges in your career and your life.

Interaction is in our DNA

We believe that close interaction off campus, with businesses and organizations in our community, creates the most fertile ground for innovation and business opportunities. Through internships, mentor companies, collaborative projects and more, 99 % of our programs include interaction with the business and public sectors.

Close proximity to research and the job market

The convenient format of Halmstad University creates a close proximity that is beneficial to you, the student. Nearly all of our researchers and Professors actively participate in the teaching of courses, meaning that you have immediate access to the latest research within your chosen field.

Programs with a good reputation

There is a great deal of evidence that our teaching methods work. The technology industry has praised our programs in both Innovation Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. With regard to the undergraduate program in Information Science; we are the only university in Sweden that has been given the highest score in the independent review by the Swedish National Agency for Higher Education.

Study In Halmstad University
Study In Halmstad University
Study In Halmstad University
Study In Halmstad University
Study In Halmstad University
Study In Halmstad University

What happens on campus?

The answer to the question above is simple: everything! The benefits of the convenient format of Halmstad University become particularly evident when you consider the layout of our campus. Within the University area, you can find almost everything you need close at hands, such as lecture halls, library, café, union buildings, and gym. As the campus is always full of life and movement, it is also the natural meeting place for the students of the University.

Social and Behavioral Sciences

30 ECTS Credits Course Package

Media, Communication and Lifestyle

Media in all different forms have become intertwined in lifestyles in larger parts of the world. The concept of digitalization is one of the major challenges for modern societies. If you have an interest in studying media’s role in today’s society with a special focus on lifestyle and welfare aspects, this is the course for you!

The course package includes four courses with special focus on areas like lifestyles, risk and uncertainty communication and urban media life from both theoretical and practical perspectives.

Computer Science and Engineering and Electrical Engineering
30 ECTS Credits Course Package
Network Security and Advanced Internetworking

This is a unique one semester course on Network Security and Advanced Internetworking. The education provides knowledge corresponding to Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) Security and Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP).

This course consists of Network Security and Advanced Network Technology. A major part of the education is carried out as laboratory work. The course has several well-equipped laboratory rooms at its disposal.

Network Security and Advanced Internetworking 30 credits, is offered in collaboration with the Cisco Networking Academy. University staffs involved in teaching are certified instructors. The course material is continuously updated with new technology and in addition to the theory; large parts of the courses are laboratory. The University has laboratory rooms with modern and advanced network equipment.

Master’s Program – 120 ECTS Credits
Digital Service Innovation (two years)

Digital technology advancement change how businesses operate and fundamentally impacts the workforce. The Master of Digital Service Innovation will help you to enhance your digital acumen, employability and understanding of sustainable business in the digital era. Business leaders, managers, public officials and politicians recognize more than ever that digital service innovation is critical to address business and societal challenges.

The learning approach involves interaction with research practice, industry and public sector to address future challenges through digital service innovation. The approach to digital service innovation draws on practical approaches and academic literature in information systems, service science, and innovation sciences.

Computer Science and Engineering and Electrical Engineering
Non Degree Program – 60 ECTS Credits
Network Design and Computer Management

Are you interested in developing the next generation of Computer Networks? This education provides solid knowledge in practical computer and network technology.

This academic package provides theoretical and practical knowledge prior to professional activity as a network administrator or an operations technician. The education is occupationally oriented and can be taken as an independent course or supplementary to another education. A major part of the education is carried out as laboratory work.

The education provides knowledge corresponding to Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) and Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP).

Computer Science and Engineering and Electrical Engineering

Master’s Program – 120 ECTS Credits

Information Technology (two years)

At this program you can further develop your knowledge and ability in Information Technology with a particular focus on machine learning and data science. You also gain experience in project work for research and service development, and of acting in an international environment. Typical topics for the courses of the program are artificial intelligence, big data parallel programming, data mining and digital service innovation. These topics are all relevant for many future societal challenges such as applications in autonomous vehicles and health care.

The main goal of this program is to develop both theoretical and practical competence for research, development and implementation in Computer Science and Engineering.


Study In Halmstad University
Computer Science and Engineering and Electrical Engineering
Master’s Program -120 ECTS Credits
Embedded and Intelligent Systems (two years)

This is an education for students wanting technical specialist competence, research experience and better career opportunities after their education. The program requires a previous education in the electrical, computer or mechatronical engineering fields or in the information and communication technology fields.

During the studies, you will be in direct connection with the University’s research since the teaching is carried out by active researchers. As a student, you specialize either in Embedded Systems or Intelligent Systems.

Computer Science and Engineering and Electrical Engineering

Master’s Program – 60 ECTS Credits
Electronics Design (One year)

In this one-year program you can further develop your competence in Electronics and create opportunities for a career in Advanced Electronics development.

In the program, you specialize in the design and realization of novel electronic components and sensors, based on nanotechnology and wireless techniques, for future embedded electronics and communication systems.

Engineering and Technology
Master’s Program – 60 ECTS Credits
Mechanical Engineering (One year)

If you are interested in developing skills in Mechanical Engineering, this program has the necessary courses. After completing this program you will be able to work with other professionals within the broad area of Mechanical Engineering, for example in innovative design and development of products and efficient production.

The objective of this program is to provide students and professionals with both theoretical and practical insights in Mechanical Engineering, including research and development work. This program is focused on innovative product and production development and involves topics such as lightweight design and methods, techniques, and models to improve the production and also different models for product design and development.

Engineering and Technology
Master’s Programme – 60 ECTS Credits
Network Forensics (One year)

This new one year Master’s Program with its unique multi-disciplinary content reflects the need for specializes within IT security and digital forensics in our digitized society. The growing use of the Internet and digital com medications systems, especially in the shape of the Internet of things, leads to an increasing demand for competence in network forensics.

The program is further education for those of you with a Bachelor’s degree in IT Forensics and Information Security or the equivalent.

Engineering and Technology
Master’s Program – 60 ECTS Credits
Renewable Energy Systems (One year)

The objective of the Master’s Program is to provide an additional and in-depth training to the University’s basic training in the energy courses. The program is useful both for students and professionals.

The program prepares for interesting advanced work, such as design and construction in energy companies and public administration. It also gives an introduction to further studies and research.

Engineering and Technology
Master’s Program – 120 ECTS Credits
Industrial Management and Innovation (two years)

The program is based on technical know-how, the education is supplemented with theories and models to be able to plan, develop, implement and manage technical innovations linked to strategic and operational targets of an organization The student will also learn to understand the importance of research and technological development at societal level.

The program courses are incorporated with Fab, Lab, where students can work in collaboration with businesses.

Business and Economics
Master’s Programme-120 ECTS Credits
Strategic Entrepreneurship for International Growth

This two-year program specializes in how to identify, create and exploit opportunities for international growth and development using entrepreneurial strategies. This program is mainly focused on research aspects proving an opportunity to enhance the knowledge in marketing and leadership for international growth.

The aim of the program is to provide students with research knowledge and skills required for leading and managing entrepreneurial organizations in today’s highly competitive and increasingly international markets and environments.

Environment Natural Science and Mathematics
Master’s Program – 60 ECTS Credits
Exercise Biomedicine – Human Performance (one year)
Are you interested in furthering your knowledge in limitations of the human body and possible ways to improve exercise performance? This might be a program for you!

During the studies, you will investigate the fundamental role of physical activity and exercise in health and disease, from a natural science perspective. You will learn about the human body’s ability to perform under different circumstances – it can be a sedentary person improving quality of life through physical activity, or an elite athlete trying to improve the world record.

Environment, Natural Science and Mathematics
Master’s Program – 60 ECTS Credits
Applied Environmental Science (one year)

Do you want to raise your skills and abilities and prepare to work on solutions for the challenging environmental issues of today and thereby participate in the process to make a better future for both humans and the environment? This program focuses on the sustainable management of natural resources, with special emphasis on conservation, water management, and environmental health assessment. You will address future environmental challenges from different perspectives, where ecological and environmental knowledge and green innovations are the tools towards a sustainable future.

Social and Behavioral Sciences
Master’s Program – 60 ECTS Credits
Nordic Welfare (one year)

This is a Master’s Program for anyone who is interested in issues about health, lifestyle and welfare in the Nordic societies. The one-year program prepares you for both research and work in an international context

Based on the Nordic model, you will study issues relating to Health, lifestyle, and well-being, cultural diversity, social security, civil society, the welfare society’s new challenges.

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