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Luxembourg ā€“ At a Glance

Capital:Luxembourg City
Largest City:Luxembourg City
Major Cities:Luxembourg City
National Language:Luxembourgish
Ethnic Group:Luxembourgers Portuguese French
Area (KM):2586
Population (Million):626108
Density (Per KM):233
GDP (Billion Doller):66
Time Zone (Like UTC +6:00):1

About Luxembourg?

Luxembourg or officially Great Duchy of Luxembourg is a small sovereign nation in the Western Europe. It is landlocked by Belgium, Germany and France. Luxembourg City is the capital of Luxembourg and with 2,586 km2 of total area it is one of the smallest countries in Europe.

The total population of Luxembourg is 626,108 which makes it one of the least populated countries in the world. Luxembourg was subject to repeated invasions by Germany during World War II which let the foundation of European Union. The capital of Luxembourg is one of the official capitals of European Union.

Despite being a small nation Luxembourg played a trivial part in rebuilding Europe after the end of World War II. Including founding the European Union, OECD, United Nation, NATO, serving on the United Nations Security Council.

Luxembourg is a developed country and due to very low population and advanced economy it has one of the highest GDP in the World.

Study In Luxembourg
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Living In Luxembourg

Higher Education in Luxembourg

Study In Luxembourg
Study In Luxembourg

Luxembourg has a somewhat limited number of universities on offer when studying abroad or as an expat. Higher education in Luxembourg comes down to the University of Luxembourg, a public university, and the Sacred Heart University, a private university.

Both of these universities in Luxembourg rank as some of the best in central Europe, albeit at a cost, and are worth considering for a bachelorā€™s or masterā€™s degree.

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Why Study In Luxembourg

Requirements of Study in Luxembourg

Foreign students applying for admission to higher education in Luxembourg must have a secondary school certificate recognized by the MinistĆØre de lā€™Education nationale.

Bachelor courses in Luxembourg are available in French, German, English and Luxembourgish, depending on the field of study. Some courses are only available in one particular language, so be sure to research courses and colleges you wish to enroll in.

Foreign language test scores might be requested when wishing to study in a language that is not your native tongue, especially for those who did not attend primary or secondary school in Luxembourg.

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