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Full Sail University is a private university in Winter Park, Florida. It is nationally accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges to award associate, bachelors, and master’s degrees in audio, design, computer animation and business. In November 2018 it had approximately 8,921 local students, as well as 10,250 students enrolled in online courses.

Full Sail University
Full Sail University
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Full Sail University: We’re Different

Our philosophy centers on the value in creative thinking and the importance of hands-on experience. We put this into action with an approach that emphasizes problem-solving, learning by doing, and empowering our students to generate their own concepts and ideas. Discover what makes us a unique place to learn and create.

Before You Apply


The first step is to talk to an advisor (counselor) about your plans, what program you’re considering, and when you’d like to begin school.

Faith Overseas Ltd. is here to assist you.

Here are a few ways Full Sail University‘s admissions process is different:

No traditional application deadlines: Classes begin monthly for most programs, so you can apply anytime and start on the date that works best for you.

Program design and course order: You do not need to sign up for specific classes every semester – all of our programs have a predetermined program design and course order.

Acceleration: Full Sail’s undergraduate programs are taken on an accelerated schedule and can be completed in as little as 20 months.

PROGRAMS of Full Sail University

Business (Creative businesses shape the world)

You’re a mover, a shaker, an idea-driven thought leader. You happily accept the phrases “good enough” and “the way it’s always been done” as personal challenges.

If you’re interested in forging your own professional path— and want to learn the practical, real-world steps required to make it happen — we’re here to help. You’ll not only learn fundamentals, whether it’s business planning or how to examine data, but you’ll also dive into specialized topics and explore your own unique ideas.

Being a part of the Full Sail community means immersing yourself in a vast network of creative professionals. By providing coursework based on real businesses and scenarios, our programs help you develop the kinds of entrepreneurial skills you’ll use long after your degree program is complete.

Full Sail University

Undergraduate Degrees

Graduate Degrees

Art & Design (Create something that resonates)

True artists see beyond color and shape. They see the world in terms of possibility – the creative potential inherent in a color palate, a block of clay, or the way type moves across a page.

Art is a profound act of expression, and when it meets design, it results in meaningful concepts and objects that shape our day-to-day lives. Our degree programs are designed to equip serious artists with a comprehensive toolbox, combining traditional skills like drawing and sculpting with digital techniques like motion graphics and 3D arts.

Undergraduate Degrees

Graduate Degrees

Film and Television (Turn your stories into multisensory experiences)

From viral sensations to blockbuster hits, filmmakers have more options than ever when it comes to finding an audience.

Whether you’re learning online or on set, you’ll build skills in an environment that takes its cue from a professional studio. You’ll learn to effectively balance the creative aspects of world building and storytelling with the practical aspects of running a production – all while sharing your work with faculty and peers for constructive evaluation.

Full Sail University

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Graduate Degrees

Technology (“Connected” is just the beginning)

The world of technology is no longer a singular entity. It touches nearly every aspect of our daily lives — from the way we define ourselves as individuals to the way we affect widespread social change. You know this; that’s why you want to be among those who shape it.

Full Sail’s tech programs are vastly different than those at traditional schools. Our programs are designed specifically to flex as new methods and applications unfold — allowing students to remain relevant and informed throughout the entire learning process.

Full Sail University

Undergraduate Degrees

Graduate Degrees

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